FRC 2016

This is our second year with the RoboRio control system and Eclipse IDE. Problems we've had this year:

  1. Could not "see" the radio. This was because it was last used and programmed for competition. Need to reset and reprogram it for practice.
  2. Could not deploy code to RoboRio. Hard reset required, then update firmware through USB interface & fixed IP address.
  3. Eclipse occasionally gives build errors. Refresh files/Rebuild index/etc.

Kickoff of Build Season 2015

This is the kickoff for the 2016 FIRST Robotics season.

The Hartford Competition!

We spent the past weekend, the culmination of 3 months of work, doing the best we've ever done in a long time. We finished in 13 of 40 teams, and even becoming the captain of a final alliance! Even though we didn't make it past quarterfinals, we all still had a lot of fun.
Thank you!

Also, there will be no robotics this week, as we all need a break from this season.

Competition at Bryant University and Upcoming Events

We had an amazing 3 days at Bryant University, RI. We finished in 38 of 39 teams, and weren't chosen for a final alliance, but we aspire to do better next competition at Hartford!
We will be meeting afterschool Tuesday and Thursday until 6 for driver's practice and Monday and Friday to load and unload the trailer.
Our next competition is the 27th through the 29th at Hartford; the official website is


We had an amazing day today! I would like to thank everyone for showing up and participating in this practice session, especially on such a delicious day! (So many people brought pi).
We worked on driver practice and developed some very clever ideas for playing the game. (This was well needed).
I can't wait for the competition in the coming weekends!

P.S. - I'm working on a surprise for all of you.



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