February 6, 2014

Notes from the Activity Period yesterday, specifically about the website; updates on the build season

Cypress FirstTouch PSoC

This little microcontroller can be used to make a custom driver station control module containing buttons, potentiometers, switches, etc. It needs to be programmed with the FRC software which should be installed with the NI utilities/driver station update. You will need to find the .hex file which is in c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\FRC\FRC_IO.2012.v3.hex The pinouts for the board can be downloaded from the US First site.

Things To Do

Hey Guys here i will be trying to maintain a list of things to do as well as any important info about how to achieve them:

  1. Sendable chooser for changing autonomous modes
  2. Two different control modes (for joysticks and controller)
  3. Shaft Encoders, no idea how these work but should probably get started on them
  4. Reorganize code structure
  5. Vision!

Common Problems

Here is some of the common problems and their solutions:

January 6, 2014

First day of building


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